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Kung fu - mocap cleanup

The videos on the left side show the starting point of the shot when I got it:

The videos on the right side show the final state of the shot after I cleaned it, stylized it, added expressions, and removed jittering:

Kit and Spoon

In a team of ten, we made a short animated film. I helped with making some of the models, but my main role was that of a 3D animator.

In the selected clips, I did the animation with the exception of the bridge-breaking simulation and 2D effects.

Doll House

A project in Unreal where you move inside of a doll house.

House and furniture models done by me in Maya and Adobe Substance Painter. The movement and moving objects done by me with Unreal visual blueprints.

Popi - children's book

Office worker

A story of an office worker getting mad.

Animation and background done by me. The character rigs aren't mine

Horse on the way

A story of a grandma picking up a horse that is staying in her way.


Animation and environment done by me. The character rigs aren't mine.

Animal's cycles

Don't Wake Her Up

A collaborative project. Worked on animation of the first three shots, some of the environment and sound.

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